Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village

Go back in time. Visit Flagstaff Hill, which is a recreated maritime village that is set on 10 acres and reflects the pioneering atmosphere of an 1870s coastal port. Experience firsthand the perils of early sea travel as you explore The Gravesend Theatre, audiovisual presentations, interactive displays and the relics and treasures recovered from various shipwrecks in the Great Circle Gallery.

A key feature of the Gallery is the priceless Minton earthenware statue, the Loch Ard Peacock, Australia’s most valuable shipwreck relic. Transported from England to Melbourne aboard the clipper the Loch Ard in 1878 for display at Melbourne’s Great International Exhibition of 1880, the life-sized Loch Ard Peacock was washed ashore in a packing crate, just days after its namesake ran aground and sank.