Southern Right Whale Nursery

View these huge, wild Southern Right Whales in their natural habitat at Logans Beach, in Warrnambool, where they return every winter to give birth to their young in peace and safety. It is truly a situation to be treasured, protected, appreciated and enjoyed. They remain with us for approximately 3-4 months from June to September before returning to the Antarctic when the baby whales are old enough and strong enough to survive the colder waters.

A very large, tiered viewing platform with disabled access has been erected on top of the sand dunes at Logans Beach to enable whale-watchers to more easily observe the habits and antics of the whales. Seating has also been built into this structure. The whales are easily seen with the naked eye but, naturally, can be studied more closely with binoculars. Cameras with standard telephoto lens can provide good photographs.