Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve

Visit our dormant volcano, Tower Hill. It formed approximately 30,000 years ago in a violent eruption which created the outer rim of the volcano and subsequent smaller eruptions formed the internal hills that can be seen today. A causeway provides access to the internal hills which are surrounded by a lake that fills with water after heavy, prolonged rain. This water sanctuary is enjoyed by many species of birds including black swans. The hills are covered with thick, green vegetation which provides a lush haven for kangaroos, koalas and some very tame, cheeky emus that have been known to steal meat from visitors’ barbeques.

A steep path takes you to the top of the highest peak which provides energetic walkers with a 360 degree view of the surrounding countryside. Centuries old geological activity is fascinatingly evident in the cliff faces at the entrance to the Reserve. An Information Centre provides visitors with a history of the area and of the Koroit Gundidj people, whose descendants retain special links with this district.

Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia. Credit: Robert Blackburn